Saturday, April 23, 2011

I love these! I read some Leisure Town and some White Ninja.

I really liked leisure town because it was done with photos and toys, which is something i like to combine, so it inspired me. I'm going to talk to my brother to see if we can make some comics.

white ninja doesn't want to eat veggies
The White Ninja comics reminded me of the stupid stuff my friends and i would watch / read in early high school, like on ebaumsworld. They're pretty funny, some are completely stupid and make no sense but for the most part they're pretty retardedfunny. I feel like people these days have such short attention spans now that these small online comics everywhere on the internet are perfect, and even the humor, its surprising how many people exist with this stupid sense of humor, but im glad to be a part of it. I see a lot of comics online via StumbleUpon, and i like to read them once in a while.

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