Sunday, February 27, 2011


Like most of the things I've read for this class this semester, I didn't know what to expect from Art Spiegleman and Maus. I checked it out from the library and that was when I noticed the swastika on the cover.
As I started reading it I thought of the video we just watched about Robert Crumb and how his work was autobiographical. I liked how he had himself in this novel and the story was told from his perspective and conversations with his father.
I also thought it was funny that the mouse character of the mother Anja and Vladek's girlfriend Lucia looked identical but he was talking about how Lucia was much more good-looking then Anja.
Art used animals as his characters to portray the different people at the time. He used the stereotypes of animals and compared them to sereotypes of the Jews, and Germans and what not. The jews were portrayed as mice and the Germans we're cats.

underground comics

One of the comics I read looked just like Archie, except the underground version of Archie.. Cherry was in it too. The characters all looked similar, but the content was definitely different.

Will Eisner