Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bat Man!

I just remembered I never blogged about when I read Bat Man comics!
I probably read some when I was little, if my brother had them, but I honestly don't remember anything about them, so when I went to read some superhero comics I went for BatMan.One of m friends loves Batman, and I remember watching some of the movies when I was younger so I figured I'd give it a read. I started with some of the originals, bat man in the 40s.Its not that funny looking back at it, but when I was reading it I laughed when they called him "The Bat Man!" .. But yeah, not really that funny anymore. I remember thinking also, "thats what comics look like". I dont know what it was that made me think thats what comics should look like. Now that I think about it, I'd tag a long with my brother when he'd go to the comic book stores and even though I wasnt around in the 40s I dont think the style batman comics were made later changed to too much. Although, I never ended up getting around to looking at the later comics.

Kick-Ass kicked ass :D

I saw Kick-Ass when it came out but that was a while ago, and I never read it until the other day. I hadn't seen it in a while so I kind of forgot about what happened at some parts but when I read them I was just as shocked as when I first watched it. The parts where he gets stabbed and hit by a car, and when Hit Girl first came into the whole piece. That was brutal! I remember my jaw dropping at both parts of the movie, and again when I read it. I loved it though, that was a pretty graphic novel ;) I want to watch the movie again. I hope theres a sequel, since it obviously ends with the possibility of another part. I look forward to both the film and the graphic novel.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I love these! I read some Leisure Town and some White Ninja.

I really liked leisure town because it was done with photos and toys, which is something i like to combine, so it inspired me. I'm going to talk to my brother to see if we can make some comics.

white ninja doesn't want to eat veggies
The White Ninja comics reminded me of the stupid stuff my friends and i would watch / read in early high school, like on ebaumsworld. They're pretty funny, some are completely stupid and make no sense but for the most part they're pretty retardedfunny. I feel like people these days have such short attention spans now that these small online comics everywhere on the internet are perfect, and even the humor, its surprising how many people exist with this stupid sense of humor, but im glad to be a part of it. I see a lot of comics online via StumbleUpon, and i like to read them once in a while.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was using Stumble Upon to try and get some inspiration and since I know we'll be looking at online comics soon I figured I'd share it.
Unfortunately it didn't quite inspire me like i'd hope for my photo class or native american class, but at least it got me reading some more comics and blogging.

Daddy's Girl

I went to the library to pick out some comics for the week of women writers. I picked La Perdida - to get some practice on my spanish reading, and Daddy's Girl, cause I figured, I love my dad!

Well, I got caught up with other class work and work-work,and didn't even want to try reading in spanish, so I haven't looked at it yet. And Daddy's Girl.. I should have probably at least open the book before I check it out. I did not know that was the kind of daddy's girl the story was about. I was pretty shocked to see the father do his thing to his daughter right in the first few pages of the book!
I felt bad for the girl, having to deal with her father like that all those years, and even later on in high school with the other guys that raped her. I can't actually relate, but that fucking sucks.

However, I do still plan on reading La Perdida since its in Mexico and my family's Mexican!

The Photographer

I bought this book at the beginning of the semester, since I'm a photographer, I figured this would be a good choice.
I liked the combination of drawings with photography, and also the combination of selected images and the contact sheet / film strips. Documentary photography really inspires me, it's always been my favorite type of photography. The Photographer was more than documentary photography because it was supplemented by drawings that had more information than what normally would be in just photos.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ben Goossens

I found this photograph online and I immediately thought back to Shaun Tan's The Arrival. I had to share it.
Its this pretty awesome surrealist photographer.I wish I could come up with surrealistic things to photograph but I can't. So heres Ben Goossens photo Big town exodus