Monday, March 14, 2011

back to the underground

Just read the Tijuana Bible. In all honesty I usually get uncomfortable and don't want to read things like that, but I’m not sure why this one didn’t really bother me as much. I suppose when I read it my mind read it as a joke pretty much. I guess spending most of my time around guys that kind of already talk like that I read it in a joking/playful way. Perhaps I get offended by it in the past, because why would people talk to each other that way. I thought Tillie The Fire Woman was pretty funny, I didn’t even see that ending coming.
I remember growing up, my dad always had joke books around the house — he used to have a radio show where he’d say jokes for 4 hours every weekend – and he had some sexy spanish joke books if you will. The illustrations in Tijuana Bible kind of reminded me of the drawings that they had in the joke books, and I feel like Tillie, or something similar to ir probably would have been in a joke book like that.

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